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EDITORIAL: The MJ endorses USA for SG?election

By M.J. Editorial Board

Recently instituting a new constitution after enduring two years of tiring debate, two factions of Student Government (SG), Maize and Blue and University Student Advocates (USA), are now campaigning to be the team that implements the changes over the next year.

EDITORIAL: HFCC tragedy cause for safety review

By M.J. Editorial Board

On Friday, April 10, our neighboring campus at Henry Ford Community College became the latest member of the small fraternity of schools whose reputations are tarnished by violence. In what was described as a murder-suicide, HFCC student and Detroit resident Anthony Powell shot student Asia McGowan with a sawed-off shotgun and proceeded to take his own life afterward.

COLUMN: Though I'm leaving UM-D, the maize and blue will

By Raquel Parks

How do I sum up four special years of my life? It's impossible and unthinkable to say the least. For two and half years, 600 words seemed like an endless expression of my opinions and thoughts every week for this paper. Yet at this moment, 600 words doesn't seem efficient for expressing the entire sentiment of my U of M experience.

COLUMN: A life without luxury isn't a life not worth living

By Anton Anderssen

I loathe learning of yet another family murdered by a father who was facing financial distress. Did these men have to kill their families just because they were no longer well-off? What kind of sick message did we instill into the minds of our citizens that a life without luxury is one not worth living? In my Roman Catholic faith, we have entire groups of people who take vows of poverty and spend their lives never owning a home or a car.

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