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Day 26's new album makes the cut

By Raquel Parks

Day 26 has had a lot to live up to since their self-titled album debuted at #1 in 2008. Their bickering and struggles in making their sophomore album has been well chronicled in the MTV show "Making the Band 4" which has created speculation that they may not stay together to create another album.

The fascinating faces of Michigan Mensa

By Anton Anderssen

Mensa is a social organization for very special people - the top two percent of the population in terms of IQ scores. Although there are numerous professors, researchers, authors and lawyers who comprise this camaraderie of intelligentsia, a constellation of personalities representing divergent social classes share goodwill and lighthearted rapport in this unique society.

The Detroit Datebook

By Alyssa Webb

TUESDAY/21 -An evening with David Sedaris at the Detroit Opera House -Stomp at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit WEDNESDAY/22 -Brew & View: Friday the 13th at the Magic Bag in Ferndale -Rock Lottery at the Magic Stick in Detroit THURSDAY/23 -Brew & View: The Last House on the Left at the Magic Bag -Howie Mandel at Caesars Windsor -The Killer Flamingos at Fifth Avenue Ballroom in Novi FRIDAY/24 -Flight of the Conchords at the Fox Theatre in Detroit -J.

What the Fork?

By Will Parson

So I have been standing on my culinary soapbox for these past few weeks, ranting about this and that. If you have read any of my columns you just might have picked up on the fact that I have some strong opinions on food. I don't know, just maybe. I asked to start writing a weekly column because I hoped that what I had to say just might provide a touch of education to my fellow student, or would be mildly entertaining at least.

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